The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Erzincan was established in 1923 in order to revitalize the trade life and to develop and sustain this process in a systematic manner together with the decisions of the Republic of Turkey. After the earthquake disasters of 1939, 1983 and 1992, the records of the archives were destroyed to a great extent, so that the information of the former activities and the Chiefs of the Chambers could not be reached. Having made the slogan of “Continuous Learning, Arrival and Change” which is increasing day by day with the increasing number of members, history and geography, Erzincan TSO has become a basic service principle and has taken on an important role in meeting the needs and expectations of our members at the highest level, Is a dynamic and member-focused institution that contributes to the creation of new ideas, contributes experiences, contributes to new projects. Serving within the scope of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, Erzincan TSO entered into the list of 85 Chambers and Stock Exchanges which were entitled to receive Accreditation Certificate from 385 Chambers and Stock Exchanges in Turkey in 2010.