About Erzincan TSO


etso_vektor-2The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Erzincan was established in 1923 in order to revitalize the trade life and to develop and sustain this process in a systematic manner together with the decisions of the Republic of Turkey. After the earthquake disasters of 1939, 1983 and 1992, the records of the archives were destroyed to a great extent, so that the information of the former activities and the Chiefs of the Chambers could not be reached. Having made the slogan of “Continuous Learning, Arrival and Change” which is increasing day by day with the increasing number of members, history and geography, our Chamber has become a basic service principle and has taken on an important role in meeting the needs and expectations of our members at the highest level, Is a dynamic and member-focused institution that contributes to the creation of new ideas, contributes experiences, contributes to new projects. Serving within the scope of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, our Chamber entered into the list of 85 Chambers and Stock Exchanges which were entitled to receive Accreditation Certificate from 385 Chambers and Stock Exchanges in Turkey in 2010.


Having made the slogan of “continuous learning, arrival and exchange” suitable for the trade culture that Erzincan has put into history and geography to Erzincan, our Chamber serves as a consultant to the business world by taking a proactive role at the point of meeting the expectations of the members at the highest level, an experience that gives life and adds value.


Our Mission on how to get to the vision that our room has been set,

  • To provide unbiased, fast and accurate service to our members, beyond their needs and expectations,
  • To make our members prevail with high economic moral values in relation with society and society,
  • To keep the membership participation in the decision-making and implementation in the forefront and to give responsibility,
  • To inform all members of the activities during the process and outcome stages,
  • Taking responsibility for the results of all activities,
  • To provide training to vocational subjects by using contemporary technology systems and benefiting from experts in the field of continuous learning, development and change for its employees and members,
  • To advise our members about the creation of sustainable competition power and to increase the resources that provide competitive advantage,
    Contributing to the creation of an environment that enhances investment and employment,
  • To maintain its image as a pioneering and exemplary institution by increasing corporate reputation,
  • To raise the social, cultural and economic level of life of our city and undertake a proactive role for the development and modernization of the business environment in Erzincan and to carry out activities for the development of Erzincan, our territory and our country and to produce projects
Quality Policy

In the service as a professional organization, the management and activities of the Chamber of Commerce;

  • Together with our senior management and our employees, our focus is on understanding the needs and expectations of our members and meeting their demands with the most appropriate solution on time and on demand,
  • Based on the principles of respect, honesty, reliability and continuity in accordance with customer requirements, national legislation, national and international standards, TOBB – ERZİNCAN TSO – Member
  • It is carried out according to the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System standard, the Quality Management System prepared in accordance with this standard and the documentation of this system, creation of added value in every process, review of system consistency and determination of non,
  • Our products and services are based on our Quality Policies and Targets of our Chamber and we have learned the procedures, instructions and other documentation of the Quality System and presented them to our customers with quality and reliability with educated and expert staff,
  • Quality level; Monitoring and evaluating technological and scientific developments and improving them by putting them into practice and ensuring continuity in quality,
  • Employing educated and qualified personnel who are engaged in doing business lovingly, helping, constantly developing and who are successful in team work, who think about the interests of country, institution, member and environment, produce quality work, proactive thinking, preventive measures,
  • Our service system, which is focused on improving the standards of life and work and facilitating the work of our members, has a stronger structure with post-service activities and unconditional provision of member satisfaction,

Our Quality Policy.